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News and Coming Events from Clair de Lune Vineyard and Winery

"Clair de Lune" when translated from its original French means "Light of the Moon".

The late French composer Claude Debussy created a magnificent piano piece, Clair de Lune. It has a beautiful, timeless and enduring quality and consequently was the source of inspiration for naming our vineyard and wines.

Clair de Lune's goal is to create wines of great finesse and elegance that will be enjoyed and celebrated by the wine and food fraternity thereby promoting our future.

Clair de Lune Vineyard and Winery is located not far from the ocean but far enough inland to experience a continental climate ideal for grape-growing.

What's Happening at Clair de Lune

mini-clair-de-lune-moon    News from the Vineyard....

Fresh Quinces for Sale!

Clair de Lune has an abundance of beautiful quinces to make your paste, jam and jellies. All you have to do is come down the drive, pay at the cellar door and help yourself to the fruit, fresh off the trees. Minimal fungicide has been applied in the growing process so these are low chemical. 3 for $1, u-pick. (Excellent value!)

New Pinot Virus Detected in Australia

On 16th August 2017 'The Australian' newspaper reported that a new virus that affects pinot noir and other varieties of grapevines has been detected. It can cause 80% yield loss in pinot variety grapevines.

With this is in mind, customers and contractors visiting Clair de Lune will not be allowed to enter the vineyard area (that is, the area where the grapes are growing) at any time without my direct supervision. The virus is thought to be spread through soil, bud mites and infected vine cuttings. Equipment and boots need to be cleaned and checked to ensure proper vineyard hygiene.

Your cooperation and understanding are appreciated.

mini-clair-de-lune-moon    News from the Winery....

Vintage Updates

Mr Quincey is Back!

Our fortified, Mr Quincey, is again available at Cellar Door in a new 750ml stelvin screw-cap bottle.

Please go to the Our Wines page to view tasting notes for these and our other wines.

Sparkling Wine

Our 2016 vintage Super Moon Sparkling Brut Chardonnay is now available. The price and tasting notes can be viewed on the Our Wines page.


Closed on Thursdays

Clair de Lune Vineyard advises that we are now closed for business on Thursdays.


Tasting Fees

As is the case for other wineries, Clair de Lune Cellar Door now has a tasting fee. It is $5.00 per person and is totally refundable on any bottle purchase. There is no fee at Farmers' Markets and festivals.



mini-clair-de-lune-moon    In the Region...

Clair de Lune and Markets

Clair de Lune is not attending regional Farmers' Markets at the moment. Wine purchases can be made by ringing Cellar Door on 03 5655 1032 and making a tasting appointment or dropping in when the gate is open during normal Cellar Door opening hours. Please check the Contact Us page for more options.


Brian Gaffy



The Cellar Door is generally open for your convenience every day from 11:30am to 5:30pm (except Thursdays, Christmas Day, Good Friday).

If you are just passing by and the gate is open during the usual opening hours, then the winery is open. Please enter!

However if you know you want to visit, please ring to make a time so you can guarantee a tasting.


Background to Brian Gaffy's move into Winemaking.

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